Welcome to Jen's Gifts of Love, formerly known as Ginger's Coffee Connection West Bloomfield, Michigan.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to carry on Ginger's eighteen year tradition of warm, courteous hospitality serving the finest  coffee, tea, homemade chocolates, and baked goods including low fat cinnamon scones, muffin tops, low fat cookies, and bagels.  We also serve several low fat salads including tuna, chicken, egg, and egg white.
It is our promise to you to do our best to exceed your expectations each and every time you visit Jen's Gifts of Love.

Please know the secret ingredient in every experience and item we make is love.

We are able to take orders online!  Perhaps you have moved away from West Bloomfield and miss our low fat cinnamon scones.  Do you have a loved one away at college or living out of state that might enjoy our chocolate chip muffin tops?  Are you going on vacation and wanting to wake up with your favorite scones? Please, browse our offering of baked goods!  

Jen's Gifts of Love   4280 Orchard Lake Road   West Bloomfield, MI 48323   248-682-5912
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